IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack 6.1

Gives you to power to quickly recover any server data
6.1 (See all)

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack gives you to power to quickly recover any Microsoft Windows or Linux server data, anywhere in the organization, from any point in time.
* Help provide continuous data protection and recovery management for Microsoft® Windows® servers, both in the data center and in remote or branch offices
* Get applications and users back up and running within minutes following any data loss, while full data recovery is performed in the background
* Help eliminate the need for traditional backup windows by continuously capturing data changes at the block level with extremely low overhead on the protected systems
* Schedule automated data transfers based on flexible, policy-based settings, helping administrators meet data protection and retention requirements on a per-application basis
* Enable the near-instant recovery of any data asset from any Windows or Linux® application, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2®, and SAP
* Make the most effective use of your available bandwidth through built-in capabilities such as data deduplication, bundling of small files, and industry-standard compression
* Support a unified recovery management strategy across the entire enterprise through tight integration with Tivoli Storage Manager

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